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Jon kneels down to let the pregnant Cascade Farmstead ewes check him out. Visit our website to learn more about these great little low-maintenance, no-shear, meat sheep!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shearing Day

Shearing Day is coming up again. We'll sure be glad when we no longer need to do this, but as long as we have some Icelandic sheep, it has to be done. (Our Cascade sheep don't need to be shorn, so a flock of exclusive Cascade sheep is our goal.)

We have a gen-yoo-wine Australian shearer come to our farm to shear the girls, and it's quite an experience. He's a really nice guy and does a great job. But, like the rest of us, he needs to make a living, so it's not cheap. I won't worry about him once we've got a flock of no-shear sheep; nearly all the breeds of sheep out there do need to be shorn and he will always have an income.

Until then, we'll enjoy the Shearing Day experience, as well as the fun of providing fleeces to local spinners.

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