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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Farmville? Really???

I cancelled my personal Facebook account last year because I was sick of hearing about a lost virtual cow from a person I barely knew at school over 30 years ago. And similar stupid stuff. Sorry, but I was looking for real relationships, about real things.

So when I heard on the radio news this morning (cable is no longer in our budget, and we don't have a TV antennae) that people are spending real money to play this dumb game, my hackles rose and I thought about all the real farmers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Yes, a fool may be parted with his or her money however they please, but good grief! If you have that kind of money and want to spend it on farming, please.... support your local REAL farmer!

a Real Farmer


  1. Hello, my name is Ann and I live in Australia, I totally agree with your post and that is why I left! I started a blog late last year mainly about my hobby quilting, but there is some gardening, cooking and a little about my life. I have also 'met' some wonderful ladies through blogging and agree with you, support the real farmers! Now I am off to have a look at your blog. I hope you have a good day. Ann

  2. Thank you, Ann! I am often astonished at what people are willing to spend their time and dollars on. Me... I'm off to have a peek at my bee hives, have a peek at our very pregnant ewes, then work on finishing our tax forms, and hopefully steal an hour or so to do some quilting before making dinner.