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Friday, October 9, 2009

I Miss My Geese!

My husband and I were cooking dinner together the other night (leftover turkey from the freezer, that was actually pretty juicy for turkey), and I just had to say it. “I miss eating roast goose!” He does, too.

We made the difficult decision last spring to sell all of our geese, with the promise from Husband that I could have geese again in a couple years. (We have other projects going on right now that require every blade of grass we have at this time on our tiny farm.)

But still, I miss my “grazing doorbells.” Geese have such keen eyesight that they can see jets flying so high that I can barely see them. They have good hearing, too, and let us know when anything or anybody enters our farm. And boy, do they taste good! I prefer roast goose over a turkey for the holidays.
We are all about hardiness, productivity and easy-to-manage on a small farm. So Pilgrim Geese will make a comeback here at Greener Pastures, for certain!

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