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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Move Over, I Want To Back Up To The Fire, Too!

When you have to jostle with the dogs for position in front on the wood stove, you know it's cold in the house. And that it's time to keep the home fires burning, so to speak, pretty much round the clock from now through early spring.

Yes, we heat with wood.

We have plenty of seasoned firewood stacked and ready to use, whereas we do not have plenty of dollars to pay an exorbitant electricity bill during winter. And it's nice to have heat when (not if) the electricity goes out during cold winter storms.

I saw an article in some publication in the U.K. asking which form of heat was least harmful to our air and most renewable. The answer is supposed to come out next week, but thus far they showed that burning seasoned wood is on top of the list. I'll drink a cup of hot cocoa to that! Especially considering that our local hydro power dam is causing the wild salmon to die off in increasing numbers. We are not allowed to keep wild salmon; they must be tossed back and hope that they survive. We can only keep the hatchery-produced salmon. Produced at what cost?

But I digress. The house is warming up, and I need to make sure all of our wool socks and flannel jammies are accounted for and ready-to-use in the rooms furthest from the wood stove. Layer up!

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