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Jon kneels down to let the pregnant Cascade Farmstead ewes check him out. Visit our website to learn more about these great little low-maintenance, no-shear, meat sheep!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Growing Lambs and Shedding Rams and Ewes

Dry sheep are prettier than wet sheep, so after a “drought” of photos, here we go!

Today was our 2nd 80 degree day of the year after an abnormally long and wet spring. Our Cascade Farmstead rams rest and chew their cud in the shade this afternoon. Some are in the process of rooing (shedding) their fleece, some are already finished. One of these boys is 2 years old, and the rest are yearlings.

And over the in the ewe pasture we find Belladonna and her twins, Katydid and Kittiwake.

Cascade lambs above; the handsome ram lamb Kilimanjaro at left, and beautiful ewe lamb Kittiwake.

Gorgeous. Am I lucky or what?


  1. First let me say thank you for all the information you provide. I have just started researching sheep to build my own flock and your sites are invaluable.

    Now a couple of questions: How much pasture do you need for a small flock of CFS? Wouldn't trees in pasture invite lightning during a storm and subsequently kill (via the root system) any sheep huddled under it?

  2. Thank you for your interest, and for the compliments! It is always gratifying to hear and see thanks for all the work and effort I've put into my site over the years.

    I am happy to answer questions; my contact information is on my website:

    ~ Ronda