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Jon kneels down to let the pregnant Cascade Farmstead ewes check him out. Visit our website to learn more about these great little low-maintenance, no-shear, meat sheep!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Lambs and Pregnant Ewes

We had a couple lambs born on Easter morning! Both boys, and both from ewes born last year! This is Kittiwake with her cute little boy. He has brown skin, a white cap and 2 white socks on his back legs. His coloring will change dramatically within a short time. His daddy is Jackpot, who can be seen in yesterday's post.

The other boy was in the barn with his dam, where photos always come out badly, so I'm waiting for a better photo opportunity.

This was apparently the Play Group on Easter; Kittiwake was hanging out in this area and Valerian stopped by to see the new baby. Her son is very curious. Very soon we will see the Lamb Races and these boys will have loads of fun together.

Turning my camera to the left, here are a couple of my favorite ewes, Lavender and Honeysuckle. Lavender is a new "auntie"... she has 4 half sisters on three other farms. One of her nieces was born on Easter and can be seen here. Lavender is also a Grandma. Her granddaughter Lollipop was shown in yesterday's post. I can hardly wait to see what she gives us this year, and Honeysuckle never fails to amaze with her lambs.

And here are pregnant Cascade Farmstead ewes ranging in age from 1 year to my beloved 4-year-old Belladonna.

Obviously, more lambs are coming!

Have I mentioned that I love lambing season???

~ Ronda


  1. Lavender and Honeysuckle look so regal and their wool look outstanding. How do you keep them so clean?

  2. It rains here. ; ) So they get showers. And with green grass all winter long, they don't have all that much mud to get dirty in.

    We do have blackberries growing through the fences from our neighbor's property, and while the sheep keep the green stuff pruned back nicely, the older canes can get stuck in their wool and we extricate that as soon as possible.

    Having said that, I do have to admit that this photo is of two of my best ewes, and their fleece just looks like that. So this is why I insisted that Gardenia come to you last year. I'm so pleased that you are pleased with her. It's a consensus about these 5 sisters; they are wonderful!

    ~ Ronda