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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today Included a Double Take

We've seen this before. Several times. But each time I'm startled and do a double take, even when I hoped that a particular breeding pair would produce something like this.

This is Greener Pastures Lorelei with her dam, Greener Pastures Hollyhock. Lorelei's sire is as dark as her dam, but both parents have white with spots in their ancestry.

Bright white. Pristine white. Pink nose and white hooves. And those markings on her face and neck!

And our most recent lamb is another little girl, this one from Greener Pastures Evening Primrose. I saw her being born from inside the house, and got out here just as she was getting up.

Her first meal. I forgot to check her skin color; it could be brown like her sire's, and thus affect her adult coloring. Her dam is quite a looker, and poses nicely for the camera. But she didn't want me near her lamb.

I couldn't get close enough to her dam to read the eartag, so I took a number of closeup photos in hopes of being able to magnify the photo and get a reading. I did, successfully, but just had to include this photo expressly for...

Chai Chai!

It's a good thing the back of the eartag was clean and readable. And what's that? Some brambles in the wool?

~ Ronda


  1. Wonderful post and blog! The little darlings are so adorable...and a the almost pure white one...what a surprise! Who'd have guessed that would happen! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure you are exhausted from all the work, but what a fine job you are doing!

  2. Brambles, I was busy looking at that awful toupee she seemed to be wearing....

    Amazing how you got a white lamb from two dark ones, its all in the gene's. Jeepers and Gardenia gave us two dark ewes and a cream ram, I still need to check their skin colors to see if they will turn colors.