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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Funny Face

He does look a bit of a clown, doesn't he?

Greener Pastures Firethorn and his twin sister, Forget-Me-Not have some fascinating markings on their faces that were inherited from their Icelandic dam. Her face was just like this!

With his nice conformation and good horn width, we utilized Firethorn for breeding in the fall of 2009. Two of his daughters inherited his facial markings to some extent; Greener Pastures Katzenjammer and Greener Pastures Kia. And Kia's 2011 daughter did as well. But Firethorn's other daughter looked the typical mouflon pattern. So it was a nice surprise to see Keester produce a ewe lamb that looks a bit like its grandpa, though cuter.

Greener Pastures La Vie En Rose is shown the day she was born, while still wet behind the ears and pretty much everywhere else, too! Gotta love those white bobbie socks.

Here she is the following day, with her cute pink nose. She took her grandpa's funny face and made it glamorous.

Our 28th lamb of this year was born yesterday, and we have two pregnant ewes to finish up this year's lambing season. Due to the higher number of ewe lambs born this year, we unexpectedly will have a Starter Flock available for sale; a group of very nice experienced adult ewes and rams that I had planned to keep for myself. See our website for further information.

~ Ronda

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  1. Thanks for the picture of Firethorn! I was wondering what was lurking behind Kia, I can see where her lamb Avalon gets her looks.