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Jon kneels down to let the pregnant Cascade Farmstead ewes check him out. Visit our website to learn more about these great little low-maintenance, no-shear, meat sheep!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Testing. Testing.

I've had this camera for.... maybe 8 years? And today was the first time I used the video option. My first videos were of leaping lambs, but I didn't get close enough and it was too fuzzy. Thus begins the Learning Curve!

Here's my babies. Yes, I really do talk to them all the time. This chatter wasn't for you, but for the babies and me. I want them to be accustomed to the sound of my voice, and I always talk to the sheep when I enter the pasture, so that they know it's me and there's no need to worry or protect the babies, etc.

Next time I'll try to get closer to the leaping lambs! : D

~ Ronda


  1. That is fantastic how friendly they are!

  2. Now I know what you sound like and you have a lovely gentle voice.