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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last Call

I have a number of photos to gather and present for our buyers back east. It's kind of a big job, and this past week I've gotten behind! Thankfully, my son took these photos today for me.

Sunday, May 29th brought the last lamb of the 2011 season to Greener Pastures Farm. Not only did every ewe produce at least one lamb, but the season ended with quite a flourish! This is Greener Pastures Last Call; a single ram lamb born to black triplet Camellia. Her two brothers were born badgerfaced; Alder went to Minnesota and Balsam stayed here with us. Balsam will be utilized for breeding this coming autumn.

Back to Last Call. These colors and markings are a first for us, and I think we will enjoy them while we see them, because they will fade within a few months. His sire is a blonde ram in the Alpha bloodline, and while Camellia was born black (and still is, despite the brown fleece that is sun bleached), she comes from a long line of blonde or badgerfaced ewes and rams.

He is a pretty big boy; she seems to have "baked" him long and well. And here he is, showing just how he feels about this busy day. Can you just take that camera away and let me catch a snooze?

Ronda, tickled pink at Greener Pastures Farm

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  1. Looks like you had a great year, congratulations!

    Do you think I have enough genetic diversity here with my three remaining ewes? (Orchid, Jeepers, and Kia)