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Monday, May 9, 2011

No More Bottles!

I've been let off the hook. And in so doing, the ewe with a strike against her is likely getting a reprieve.

She's nursing. And she's not only nursing her own lamb, but my other bottle lamb, too! I'd seen her kick both of them away in this past week, but last night she seemed to turn a corner. Both lambs had full bellies last night when I brought their night time bottles. And again today when I brought their morning bottles. And their lunch bottles. And then I got the above photo this afternoon.

The lambs still clamor for attention. Lollipop comes a running!

They both sniff and nibble my clothing.

Lexie was nibbling at my phone.

And my pocket.

Lollipop was pawing at my leg for some petting. Actually, they both do that.

I think I'll continue to bring bottles out once a day, with just a small amount of milk, so that we keep these babies tame.

Though having a full grown ewe pawing at my leg might not be such a fun enterprise! : D

But how can I resist Lexie's eyes half closed with contentment as I scratch her chin?

~ Ronda

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  1. Amazing you could get her to take both lambs!